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Best ways to Earn money online for student in 2019 for free

Making money from study

Are you a student?
Want to pay your own fees? Want to earn more than just a pocket money?

In this article I'll give you 5 legitimate ways to earn money while your still studying. Through these five ways you'll not, just make money but will be able to make your way for future.

Please comment down if your a student and earning as well, tell us also from where are you writing.

Below are the top renown ways from where one can earn money while still studying, this ways will not just pay you money but also improve you as a person as well as help you in your academic field also.

Top 5 ways for student to earn money online

  1. Blogging

Blogging is the best and most renowned ways to earn money. Their are people who are making lots of money by just writing articles, review of product, informative news, quotes and many more. It will help your writing capacity and also pay you for it. Blogger and WordPress is the lead platform for blogging.
Choose your topic according to your interest. Value your interest and start working on it. You can monetize your blogging account through different means of monetization, like adsense, media.net, affiliate marketing etc.

Leave your comment if your doing this

2. YouTube

Youtube is one of the fastest growing market in the field of internet world. If your not afraid of talking and facing camera you can choose this field.
Try this platform while your studying do work based on your study it will help your study and broaden your ideas and knowledge in the field.
Some of my friends are working on this field and they are doing good. They are just following their interest. Upload video while you have time. This will increase your confident. Later on you can monetize your account through Google adSense and other ad network.

3. Sell photographs

If you're a good photographer or having interest in photography you can try this platform as a student especially the student of mass communications can try this platform.
Their are website like shutterstock and pixabay which pay you for your photography. Make your profile in these sites and start earning.
Internet is a big world you just don't no some may found interest in your photographs and pay you for it.

4. Writing jobs

If your good in Writing and thinks that people will pay you for your time it is the best things to do as a student, which will broaden your ideas your skill and your knowledge and ultimately help you in your study and more over  guess what you can also earn money from it.
Their are a platform like I-writer and freelance where you can do this jobs.

5. Online teaching :

Yes online teaching, you don't always have a certificate to teach, if your master in any field knows what to teach and how to teach this is right platform.
As a student you can teach online on the basis of your subject of interest or in subject where your studying. You can make videos of chapter you covered earlier or if your interest in cooking, music, language you can still try this. If your interest in this you can go to website like takelesson

Friends please leave your comment if you found this article informative and also leave your impression if your using this technique and how your using this platform.

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