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Earn money from instagram account

Earn money on  Instagram

Is it possible to earn money from instagram? Does instagram pays you revenue?, this might be the question coming in your mind now. To clarify your doubt I will say: Yes my friend you can earn good amount of money from your instagram pages or account. There are many different ways to earn from instagram. In this article I'll tell you some of the best way to earn from instagram account.

If you know about this then please leave us your comment but if heard about this but don't know how to earn from instagram, be with me till the end. At the end you will find some amazing ways to earn money from instagram.

Instagram is one of the largest growing networking site mainly use for posting picture. Instagram is beating many other networking sites in the race for the top like Linkin and pinterest.

By the way friends I would like to tell you that instagram doesn't pay you directly you can use instagram as a platform to earn from different means. You can monetize instagram with different ways.


There is no only eligibility or to the point eligible terms to earn from instagram account. But their are some primary rules. Like any other platform to earn money from it you need to have a good amount of traffic. To earn from instagram one need to have a good fan base. This is only primary eligibility for the most means to earn money from instagram.

Ways to earn from instagram

After collecting good amount of followers in your Instagram page you can apply one of this method or more then one method according to your eligibility and capability.

Let's start

1. Sponsorship from companies

In this method followers play a great role if you do not have a good fanbase you won't be able to apply for this. Upload good quality pictures to gain more followers.
There are many ways to gain organic instagram followers please read my article on

If you have a good fan followers you can go to website like SPEAKR.COM, GOSNAP.COM, CHAMPBOOST.COM and apply as a influencer and write a good proposal message to them. Another way is to go to the homepage of any company and search for contact us, write a impressive email to them. Many companies use to give sponsors to instagram users.

2. Sell photographs

   Click a very good quality picture of anything you like to make it more clear choose one particular niche or topic. Upload it on your Instagram page. Many companies in the world nowadays doesn't use to do studio photoshoot. Many of them use to collect pictures from internet and used in their products. One thing you need to remember while doing this is to put watermark in your photographs the one you're uploading on Instagram page keep the original one with you.

Add your detail in your Bio and Tell your buyers that interested person can contact me and I'll give you the original photographs. This is another way to earn from instagram account.

3. Affiliate marketing

   It is the great strategy to do affiliate marketing on your Instagram page. You can generate link from your affiliate store and sell out product on Instagram. Use hashtags relevant to the products.

If you want full write up tutorials of this leave us a comment.
Affiliate marketing is not unknown to the internet world anymore. For this you also don't need very large number of followers you can do this within your friend circle also.

4. Create brand/sell your own product

   Make your Instagram account as  advertisement center of your product. Have your own store make advertisements of the product you have in your store. Give your detail in Instagram, where the buyers can contact you.

By this way you can also sell your local product. By doing this also you could get a sponsorship from local industry.

5. Sell your account

   Yes friend sell your Instagram account, thier are many company out there who are ready to buy a good established instagram account for their advertisement purposes. Most probably the particular niche where you work, those resemble company may contact you. You can give on sale advertisements on different social media account using hashtags.
Choose a particular topic work on that topic gather traffic and followers later on gave it on sale. You can earn lot of money from this if your SEO experts in Instagram.

Important tip
Try to gather only the organic traffic don't use false means to gather followers on Instagram they are called as spam followers in networking world.

To gather organic followers
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