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Facebook hidden tricks

Hidden facebook tricks

Top 5+ basic Facebook  tricks you must know in 2019: facebook is the largest web place in the world is growing day by day reach as many people we can't even think of. There are lot of facebook tricks available in the internet. In this article I'll give you the  must know Facebook tip and trick for any Facebook users. Facebook tricks I'm going to tell you will let your Facebook using experience more interesting and meaningful. It will make you able to customize your account according to your wish and interest.
If you know any facebook trick let us know and  if you don't no then read this article till the end.

Most of you may heard about all the tip tricks I'm going to tell  in that's articles but many of you may don't know how to apply this tricks. I'll tell you how to apply this trick theoretically and it's different importance.

Now let's us  start our journey and know this trick and its implementation.

1. Picture like by friend or users

This trick let us know the photos or any other advertisement or anything like by our friends or any other person in Facebook. This tricks will help you to keep an eye on your girlfriend or boyfriend.
It will help you to know more about your secret crush. What is like by hom, what type of people things he/she like.

To carry out this trick go to Facebook application, and then click on the search bar type PHOTOS LIKED BY XYZ (your friend name) and then click on the search button Facebook will show the all the liked picture of your friend.

2. Update blank status

   Use to trick to shock your friend, usually facebook doesn't allow users to update blank status. If we think about it it doesn't make sense also updating blank status doesn't it. But yet it is a trick which every user out there who have a Facebook account doesn't know about it.

Want to know about this trick just type  a[0:0: ] on your status page option area.

3. Log out account from other phone

   Do you use multiple cell phone or you do Facebook from both mobile and from desktop, did you logged on your account mother or friends accessories and forget to log out from it. Do someone got your account information and using it without knowing you. Use this tips or tricks to log out from all the device where your account is log in.
 Are you interested to know this trick then follow this steps

Go to setting of your account search for ACCOUNT and then click on SETTING and SECURITY and where are your login will be show by the Facebook authority, user can log out by clicking ‘X’ option in the right  side of every device where are login.

4. Manage your wall

   Are you annoyed of the things shown in your wall by the facebook or you don't want to see some activities by your friend but still you want them in your friend list. This tricks are for those people who want to customize their wall or timeline post by their friends and public user of the Facebook.
Sometime facebook use to show us lots of unwanted this which we doesn't want to see but its not their fault we the user have to tell them want we want to see in our wall.

Goto the setting option in the homepage of you  Facebook account
In privacy section their will be a timeline and tagging section there you will find different option like who can post on your timeline, who can see what other post on your timeline and many other option. Choose to each option to customize.

5. Know your activity

   Sometime we log in our account in some other  friends or family member devices and forget to log out in many cases our friends take advantage of it and do frank work like liking picture, tagging unwanted things, commenting on other picture and many other. To know this activity and to remove it user can carry out this hidden tricks.
Sometime we also liked someone picture unknowingly while we are crawling their page or in our wall, we do make of comments but doesn't want that comment to remain, you can carry out this tricks to delete those comments.

To do this go to your PROFILE click on ACTIVITY LOG
Does Not support in facebook lite.

6. Manage ads in your wall

   There are lots of advertisements shown in users wall, from this advertisement  facebook use to generate their revenue. User can manage this ads shown in your wall. You can manage ads according to your interest, you can tell Facebook to show certain type of advertisements.

To do this go to setting section three line on top right corner and then go to help and setting section select SETTING and then look for ADS PREFERENCE go their and select your preference and interest.

7. Save post for future

   Did you ever wanted to save post for future to read because you doesn't have time at the moment when you show that post.
You found something interesting but doesn't have a time, save the post.

To do this
Open the post click on  three dot on right corner of post and save post. To open this save post go to the main setting and look for the saved option click on it and then Facebook will show you the list.

Friends found it helpful share this trick to your friends. Any suggestions then please leave your comment and subscribe the site.

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