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Guitar capo: merits and demerits

Guitar capo

One of the widely used and friendly tool by the guitarist worldwide is Capo. It a small tool which enhance your guitar playing.  Most of the acoustic guitar player use this instrument (capo) very openly. Guitar capo help us in many ways.

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How to use capo

Capo is a tools through which we adjust our chord according to our reliability. To use capo, it should be placed on the fretboard of the guitar. Closer it comes to body or sound hole higher will be the key.

It adjust the nut position of the guitar. After placing capo on the fretboard it became the nut of the guitar.

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Benefits about using capo

Here are the list of benefits of using capo while playing guitar.

1. It adjust the scale of the song. With capo you change the chords, but the scale remain the same. For example to change G# scale into F# you can place the capo into 3rd Fret on the neck.

2. Using of capo can make your guitar playing easy by using your choice of chord. Barre chord can be transform into normal chord. But I won't recommend you to use capo to get rid of Barre chord, without learning Barre chord your guitar experience incomplete.
If your learner I would encourage you to use capo as less as you can. Learn all the cords you could.

3. Placing capo on guitar fretboard can give use more Blue sound. It will give you more pinching sound which makes our ear pleasing to hear.

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Demerits of using guitar capo

Using capo doesn't always makes you look cool. Most people use capo to transform chord, chords which they don't no how to play or chords which is relatively though for them. It shows your guitar playing availability, don't shy away from hard chord. But this not always the case people use it sometimes to make better sound and to give more blue sound.

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