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How to grow instagram followers

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How to grow organic instagram followers, Hi friends hows your Instagram account doing doing, is it crowded with followers organic traffic or your just having bunch of friends, are you earning from your Instagram account or is just there for the sake of account in social site.
Leave down your comment what your doing with your account and what's the status of your account.

Here I'm going to tell you how you can increase your organic Instagram followers by real means, I'm not going to tell you false ways or use this application that application or anything like that.

Give me some time read this article till the end  at the end you'll find a great ways to increase your organic instagram followers.

Before directly jump into that I'll like to tell you benefit of having good  amount of followers in instagram. You could actually earn good amount of money from your instagram account.

If you have a organic followers you can do a affiliate marketing on your account.

You could also actually get a sponsorship if you influence good number of people, you may paid for uploading picture of brand in your Instagram account.

Now let's go into the topic and I'm going to tell you top ten ways to increase instagram followers for free

Top ten ways to increase instagram followers in 2019

1.Upload High and Good quality picture

  Don't always upload selfie try to upload good picture, I'm not against selfie, if it is of good quality you can upload this but you should focus more on other things around you. Celebrities they do because they earn from it their face are the ATM machine for them. You can also do this if you gain good number of followers.

2. Public your account

   Many people adopt this wrong means at the initial stage, they privatize their account. Keep your account public let the people see your picture your work on Instagram. If you made your account private only few people have a access to your account and it won't reach other public. So keep your account public.

3. Used different features

Used different features available on instagram. Use the Q&A feature, use different filters in your stories, if possible do live stream talk with your friends. Make use of all this feature they are meant for users like you only.

4. Location or Geotage

  Try to use geographical location often in your stories and picture, it will help to reach people who have common interest with you. Mention the place where you click the pic tell where are at now. If you do this people who found your picture will contact you ask you about the place where you stayed and many more.

5. Captions

  It is one of the most important things. Use good and relevant photo caption it will attract the audience. Good caption compels people to have a look in your picture. It will grow your reach to greater audience.

Click in link for captions


6. Use of Hashtags

   Using just a good caption won't work for you with the caption make use of hashtags, it will greatly influence your reach. You hashtags of cloths your wearing in picture, shoes, lipstick or anything which can be seen in your picture. By this you'll come in contact with brands, groups and companies.

Click in link for best Hashtags


7. Theme in your picture

 Use some theme like of you uploading picture of Nature try to upload them in sequence. Not like you upload tree picture here and then selfie after that uploading picture of food. It won't work try to upload picture with them, upload picture with related messages.

8. Naming style

   Your name will be the first things people will search on Instagram. Try to use a good searched keywords. It becomes more important when you use your Instagram account for business purposes. If your running some shoes business mention your business like xyz shoe center or anything. Do this by yourself I know you all are very intelligent.

9. Consistency and availability

 Be consistent with your instagram stories your picture, Q&A Session, live streaming session. Not shouldn't be like that you uploaded your last picture few Month ago now your uploading continuation of that picture. It won't help you to grow organic followers in instagram.

10. Run contest and Giveaway

   If your earning bit amount of money from your account run contest and gives gifts to the winner. You can run a contest related to you it will help them to know you better. Your organic reach will increase. Don't apply this giveaway tip in initial stage.

Take for reading if you found it relevant please share and give your responses which tip you like the most by leaving your message.

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