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Lowden handmade guitar: sheeran by Lowden

Ed sheeran by Lowden

Ed sheeran and Lowden guitar. In NAMM 2019 ed sheeran announces his team up with Northern Irish guitar makers Lowden to launch a new range of guitars, known as Sheeran by Lowden. The series will feature 8 individual model. Lowden have a great history of handmade guitar.

Ed sheeran and Lowden guitar come in with each other in the year 2012, when Gary Lightbody gifted him Lowden guitar.

Ed sheeran show the concern over the uses of guitar as a musical instrument in today's music he said - There are less guitar groups and less artists utilizing guitars now, and not the same number of children getting interest in using guitars - during the press conference of the sheeran by Lowden. He likewise included that  - That is something I might want to change by getting these extraordinary quality guitars, made in Ireland, into children's hands and urging them to learn and advance in guitar -

Ed sheeran said that it is dream come true, as it is a dream of every kid to have a signature guitar for themselves. Hope to see ed sheeran playing this amazing handmade guitar in his upcoming concert.

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