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Myth about guitar learning


One of the most loved and widely used musical instruments is guitar. It can be used by individual or solo artist and also used widely in band or group. It is widely applicable in most music type. There are lots of myth around the world about guitar learning if your  thinking of start learning guitar don't believe in this myth, rather take it as your passion your interest. Don't believe in those myth too much and just pick up your guitar and follow your passion.

If which category you come please Tell us beginner, intermediate or pro.

When did you start learning guitar.

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Here are the top 5 myth about guitarist

1. Age

Their is a myth around the world that you cannot learn guitar after certain age. But this myth is not 100 percent true. Before 18 is an ideal age for learning but still you can learn guitar at any age.

I personally started learning guitar at age of 21. With the continuous practice and stretching one can learn guitar at any age. Just pick guitar any start practicing.

2. Left, Right hand myth

Their is absolutely nothing to do with whether you are left hand person or right hand person. You can adjust your guitar according to your favorite hand. Your favorite hand would be an obstacle in your guitar learning. Don't believe in this favorite hand myth.

3. Guitar classes

If you're really enthusiastic and eager to learn guitar or music you can learn without attaining guitar classes. You can be self though. In this internet world there are lots of video as well a as writing material about guitar learning is available in the web. Search for it and follow one. Guitar classes do help but without this also you could still learn.

4. Good vocalist

Beginner always thinks that without a good vocal it is useless to learn guitar or any other music instruments, but learning music instruments is nothing to do with your vocal. If your are music lover you should learn music instruments, it certainly improve your personality and your memory power. After learned guitar you could collaborate with good vocalist and make music or make covered video.

5. Guitar girl relations

It is one of the biggest myth around the world that girls always falls for  guitarist. But it is not the case every time. Apart from good guitarist there are many more things which make girls falls for you. Good personality and being good human beings can also makes girls fall for you. If your learning guitar just to impress girl I personally would suggest you not to learn guitar and became good human being first. It should just be one of your weapon not you.

Please comment down which myth you found most appropriate and least one also. Tell us  your experiences about guitar learning.

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