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Top 12 guitar learning tips for beginners

Learn how to play guitar

Playing guitar without a good technique is like taking care of your health with street food, most of it will just added to your body but wouldn't make you healthy. It is very important for beginners to know the good techniques of playing guitar to master in this field.
In today's world their are numerous type of tools which will help you to play guitar without any proper knowledge of it. But a deep knowledge and good technique will remain with you for lifetime. If you have broad knowledge and technique no one could take you off from the peak where ever you are. 

Learn guitar with good technique from start 

1. Left right hand combination

Whenever or where ever your practicing please make sure that your giving equal amount of time to your both hand. It should be not like that your giving preference to your strumming hands only. In guitar playing combination of both hands is key to success. 

2. Use of correct finger

Beginner should always keep in your mind that your using correct finger. Using of correct finger will help you in playing lead and blues also. Always remember that finger number assigned against chord should be use exactly. Later on when you became master and intermediate you can improvise it. Like holding A major chord by just one finger. 

3. Don't go for speed

At initial stage don't look for speed rather look for rhythm and timing. Start slowly, make yourself comfortable. It the initial stage beginner also try to follow their idol and try to cop up with their speed and many of them couldn't and give up playing guitar. To avoid this start slowly give yourself time. Your playing speed will automatically improve with time with right techniques.

4. Use metronome

Metronome is a great tools to maintain your rhythm and speed. Always make use of metronome whenever your practicing. It will hold your tempo. Use point number 4 while doing point number 3.

5. Don't shy to learn

This happened to me a lot during my initial stage of guitar playing. I was a shy person still today I'm little bit a shy type guy. To learn anything don't shy always try to learn. Always try to hold guitar in gathering, picnic and with friend circle it will grow your confidence. If their is good guitar player nearby discuss with them about playing.

6. Try to learn all chords

In order to support this point I would say that don't make yourself fond of using Capo at initial stage, always try to learn all the chords. Beginner always use to make this mistake they don't learn the Barre chords instead of this they use capo this is not the right technique to learn guitar. Learn all chords make use of capo only when you need certain sounds which is not possible without capo. 

7. Learn music theory

Playing guitar is not just enough in order to master in this field one should learn about music theory at least the basic of music theory like notes and scale, at beginner stage this is enough but with time you should learn more music theory along with playing guitar. 

8. Discipline

'Discipline is the key to success'  to learn anything you must be discipline, must be loyal with you and your subject. In the field of guitar you should be discipline you should maintain  your practice time. How much your giving on your guitar is very important. Try to maintain daily routine for your guitar practice.

9. Start with simple chords

Start with simple one. Learn all the simple chords, for beginner nothing is simple for them but in the field of guitar some basic chords like all major and minor chords except Barre chord like Fmaj & minor, Bmaj & minor are considered as relatively simple chords.

10. Jam with friends

Try to practice or jamming with some other person who is intermediate or guitar expert from time to time, even jamming with beginners will also improve your speed and guitar knowledge. Try to make friends of same field.

11. Alternate practice

Practice in different position will definitely groom you for future obstacle. Some time practice with your guitar strap, I mean stand up practice their will be a time in your guitar carrier that you have to stand and play guitar.

12. Listen music as much as you can

Put aside guitar give yourself rest and listen good music where guitar involvement is high. It will help to catch chords of  songs. In other sense you could say that train your ear. A good listener have a chance of 90% advantage of learning quicker. So take your hands rest and give time to your ear also.

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