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Types of guitars

Types of guitar

A guitar is a widely used instruments in the field of music industry. A guitar usually have a six string and one hole in the wooden body. In recent days guitar gets in transformation and different types of guitar are now available in the market. Each string on guitar give us different sound because of the different melody comes out from it.

In its traditional form their are many three major types of guitars

1. Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar are those guitar who doesn't need electric power to produce sound. Such guitar doesn't required any power supply. This type of guitar comes with a steel strings. This is the best guitar for beggineer. Acoustic guitar are also of two types

A. Electro acoustic guitar or semi acoustic guitar

Such type of guitar comes with a plugging and pickup facility. Electroacoustic guitar can be connected into Amplifier. 

B. Traditional acoustic guitar

This type of guitar doesn't have any pickup facility an  couldn't connect with amplifier.

2. Electric guitar

Electric guitar is usually owned by the well established or pro guitar player, Because such type of guitar expenses high and required greater knowledge of playing. Electric guitar required an amplification to produce sound.

3. Classical guitar

Classical guitar or also know as Spanish guitar is also a commonly seen guitar. Such type of guitar is resemble with acoustic guitar. Spanish guitar comes with an nylon strings. Fretboard are also little bit wider in compare to acoustic guitar.

4. Base guitar

Base guitar also required and amplification to produce sound. Guitar comes with only 4 or 5 string. In base guitar one doesn't need to learn cords. Base guitar is not widely used by sole singer because it only gives us base sound. Base guitar have a long neck.

Apart from this their are numerous types of guitar are also available in the market like 12 string guitar, resonator guitar, double neck guitar and many more defending upon their size, structure and size. 

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