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Top 10 most reliable way to earn money online 2019 in India


Gone were the days where you have go door to door to sell product or set up a shop in one spot and sell your product. This is the Era of online everything nowadays is done online. There are different platform from where you can earn lots of money no matter what your a student, housewife, professional or job seekers one can make extra earning from this platform, in fact some people take up this as their career also.
Online earning is one of the most talk topic in recent days if you doesn't started yet then this is the writing time and platform to know from where you can earn money.

1.Affiliate marketing

You don't have to be a degree holder to this job. Affiliate marketing is one of the easy way to make online money.  You just have to sign up as a affiliate marketer in different e-commerce website like Amazon, flipkart, snapdeal or any other marketing site.
Sign up yourself as a marketer generate link of different product and share it on different social sites or in your sites.

2. Blogging

Blogging is article writing were you write different articles and published it on internet. If your content is original and informative it will pay you for longtime.
You can add different ad network in you blog apart from this you can do different affiliate marketing and also can provide different services from it. This is one of the most reliable way to earn money online. Try yourself here

3. Drop shipping

Drop shipping is one of the leading online earning platform in recent days. In drop shipping you act as a middleman or a broker. Unlike affiliate marketing in drop shipping you have to spent some penny and can get your earning by selling this product.
In dropshipping you don't have to create your shop rather you have to create your own online store in different website. In drop shipping you have to marketize your product. You buy product from company and put it on your store. You can fix your own price of product.
Shopify is the one such site where you can create your store. (first you have to pay some penny)

4. Online services

If your good in web designing, animation, logo making, social media design, 3D model, Seo expert, photoshop expert or have any other skill go to site like freelance, upwork, fiver and create your own profile according to your skill.
In this field you done go to buyer in fact all this site collect you a buyer and buyer according to their needs and your skill they will assign you some assignment and pay you for it. You can fix your rate also.
It is a great platform for the professional to earn some extra money according to your work.

5. Writing jobs

If you want to establish yourself as a writer or your an well established writer you can try this online earning method. In this platform your customer assign you some assignments regarding writing ability.
You can do article, essay or job advertisement for companies in this platform. Freelance and iwriter is the such platform were you can earn lots of money from your writing. You can earn 1$ to 3$ per paper, for this you'll get some days to do this job done.

6. Online seller

Online selling and drop shipping is two different type of online market. Unlike drop shipping in online selling we sell our product to the marketer. You sell your product to online e-commerce store now its their job to sell this product to the buyer. Remember in this platform you can't fix the price at which this product will be sell but you can negotiate price at which you will sell this product to store.

7. Sell photographs

If your a professional photographer and have an interest in photography go click some photography and sell it online. Go to online site like shutterstock.com and sell your photograph. Create your own profile every time people download or buy your photograph you'll get your share.

8. YouTube

YouTube is not new to people anymore, it is one of the largest inventory of ideas and  knowledge in the form of videos. If you also have good knowledge about anything make videos of it and upload it on internet. Later on of after reaching it terms and conditions you can monetize your channel and earn good amount of money from it.

9. Online teaching

If you are jobless and have greater knowledge in any field and have interest in teaching people you can try this. Website like takelesson.com provide such type of services, You can teach cooking, music, language any unique skill you posses.

10. Online earning apps/games

Their are number of android and ios app which pay you for playing games, watching ads, referring application and many other things. Their are some trusted companies like Google are also doing this. Google Pay, phone pay are some renown app which pay you for your money transaction.

Leave your comment, which platform are you currently using and which one of you found most relevant.

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